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Finding a decent Kalamazoo weed dispensary may be hard for some – but not me. The choice is clear – if you’re looking for a quality medical dispensary, Lansing residents already know the answer, and they want to share it with you: Great Lakes Holistics.

Recreational Dispensary

This is a recreational dispensary Kalamazoo citizens are sure to go crazy for, and for good reason, too. And, while there are quite literally countless reasons that make Great Lakes Holistics a cut above the rest, it was the eventual convincing of my friend, Marty, that sealed the deal for me.

Now, for a little background on Marty, he’s not the easiest “nut to crack,” let’s just say. He’s quite opinionated, to put it lightly. To put it strongly, he’s a bit of a snob. But not in an aggressive way or anything, he just knows what he likes – and, even more so, he knows what he doesn’t like. Take that kind of personality, throw it into a lifelong cannabis enthusiasts with a quick wit, and you basically have my buddy, Marty.

When Marty and I hang out, we often tend to stray from any conversation that would involve a strong opinion, especially when it comes to cannabis. While Marty may not be the most “personable” fellow in town, he’s no dummy. His thoughts, feelings, and opinions are often right on the money, which isn’t always the easiest for others to admit. However, no matter what, Marty’s naysayers always eventually come back to his house, “hat in hand,” so to speak, and admit they were wrong – and he was right.

Anyway, we were just hanging out with nothing else to do, and he asked me if I wanted to grab some bud. “Of course,” I replied. So, we hopped off the couch, into his car, and off we went. Only, we were just driving aimlessly. It wasn’t until we reached our first red light, some 30 seconds in to our impromptu journey, that he kindly asked, “Uh…so…where should we go?”

This was incredibly rare. Marty never asked anyone a question like this. In fact, he’d sooner scold someone for trying to “control” where they get their cannabis from without his level of knowledge, insight, and research. So, needless to say, I was a bit stunned, and mostly speechless, when he asked me this.

Nevertheless, I was able to mutter out the only answer I knew. “How about Great Lakes Holistics? You like that place, right?”

“Great Lakes Holistics?” he questioned. “Oh yeah. I’ve heard of that place. I’ve been meaning to go, but haven’t had the chance. Let’s do it.”

And off we went. I told him the simple directions on how to get there, and as we parked, my worries about whether this would be a suitable place for his snobbish demenaor instantly vanished. The confidence in my decision to bring him here, to Great Lakes Holistics, was the absolute perfect choice. I didn’t think he was going to like it – I KNEW he was going to LOVE it.

Sure enough, the second he slammed his door and locked his car, he looked up at the establishment, dawned a look that could only be described as “happily impressed,” and we walked right in. 

What happened next was like a montage scene out of a movie. Which, to be fair, is exactly how all dispensaries should feel. There shouldn’t be any long line, packed waiting room, and zero attention paid to customer service. It should be free-flowing, easy-going, and the only thing packed should be the menu with top-notch cannabis at shockingly affordable prices.

One go-to place for Cannabis Enthusiats

And that’s exactly what you can expect to find at Great Lakes Holistics. That’s the reason why they’re are quickly becoming the number one go-to place for cannabis enthusiats in the area. What else can you ask for out of a dispensary? They are simply “nailing it” in every single category imaginable. They are redefining the modern dispensary, party people, and I have to admit – I think they are doing a phenomenal job at it.

Actually, no – I KNOW they are doing a phenomenal job at it.

So, if you’re looking for a medical dispensary, Lansing residents, then look no further. Also, Kalamazoo weed dispensary fans, that message goes to you, as well. If you, too, are on the prowl for a top-notch recreational dispensary Kalamazoo citizens can proudly rely on – it’s Great Lakes Holistics, without a shadow of a doubt.

They have completely perfected the formula to a quality cannabis business, and the end result is looking like years upon years of continued success in one of the most profitable, competitive industries on the face of the earth. Now, if that doesn’t earn your respect, I’m not sure what will. 

Great Lakes Holistics. It’s the only place you will ever need to know about. Trust me.

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