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Friends can be weird, can’t they? Don’t get me wrong, I love having buddies, but some of them are a bit…quirky. Their “quirks” can, sometimes, rub people the wrong way, but if you have patience, you can see the silver linings in their flaws. All this to say, I had a similar evolution of thought about a buddy of mine recently after I received a series of texts from them. 

The first text was simple. He was asking me if I knew about a medical dispensary near me, called Great Lakes Holistic. Now, straight out of the gate, I’m annoyed. I was the one who told him about this awesome place. It’s easily the best medical dispensary Battle Creek citizens have ever seen.

I replied, “You mean, that one dispo near me…that I told you about 2 months ago?” As soon as I sent it, I felt a little remorse. Maybe that was too harsh. I tend to “shoot from the hip” with some snarkiness when I’m a little annoyed, and I felt like this was a perfect example of the very personality trait I need to work on.

As I was about to type out a retreating response to my previous, potentially-rude message, I saw the familiar “…” pop up on the screen. He was typing his response. At this point, I had a choice to make. I could either try to type out my message as fast as possible, in hopes that I’d beat him to the punch. But, in a second, I considered the likely outcome of that scenario, and even if everything worked out great, and I got the message out before his, it would likely be followed shortly thereafter by a message he had been calmly writing. 

This message would, in theory, push down the kind sentiment that I would have theoretically sent “in time.” So, with that taken into consideration, I deleted the first few letters of my message, and calmly awaited his response.

Sure enough, just a few moments later, my phone chimed, notifying me that his message was waiting for me in my message inbox. I picked up my phone, fully expecting a retreating message of some kind. Something along the lines of “Ooh yeah, sorry bro.” Or, something to that effect.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, in place of that expected, subtle apology that I was anticipating, was a lengthy novel-size text. As I scrolled through the massive blue bubble on my handheld screen, my eyes grew wider, as each sentence threw another metaphorical cole in the flaming fireplace of rage currently growing larger in my head.

In short, he was going on and on about how he disagreed with my initial statement. He firmly believed that he was the one who told me about Great Lakes Holistics. He explained how he was the one who told me about their amazing lineup of affordably dank products. And then, he claimed he was the one who couldn’t stop talking about their incredible staff members. These are just a few of the many “details” this guy wrongfully claimed happened.

Now, before I explain what I did next, I hope you all understand that I am normally a very chill guy. But, for some reason, my ego really gets affected when someone says I didn’t tell them about an amazing dispensary.

Before my suggestion, he was spending all of his hard-earned money on horrible, subpar cannabis from various dispensaries in the area. He was always complaining about his misfortune, and never wanted to take any suggestions. He was content in his dispensary misery.

One day, I couldn’t take his prattling on about another cannabis trip gone wrong, so I pulled out my phone, and pulled up every bit of information I could about Great Lakes Holistics. As you could imagine, it took barely any convincing at all to get him to hop in the car with me for a quick trip.

Mere minutes later, our transaction was already completed, and we were headed back to his house for what soon proved to be a legendary session. The details he was describing was, word-for-word, my eloquent description of Great Lakes Holistics that I delivered to him on that very day. 

While it goes without saying, I was fuming. My fingers had a mind of their own, and I was typing out a long, lengthy response arguing his false claims. Each sentence I typed didn’t quelch my anger, if anything, it only fanned the flames. I kept typing and typing, and the anger kept building and building. And, just as I was at my most upset, and about to hit send, my buddy sent a quick text.

The text simply said, “Oh, wait. I’m wrong – You did that. LOL. My bad.”

Phew. Thank goodness. Justice is served. All again was right in the world.

With that beef newly squashed, I put my phone in my lap, leaned over to finish my pre-roll from Great Lakes Holistics, and just as I leaned forward to grab my lighter, I heard the “swooshing” of a sent text message from my phone.

I bolted back into my couch, grabbed my phone, and realized I hadn’t deleted my post. In fact, I had just sent it.


Anyway, all that to say that Great Lakes Holistics is the best medical dispensary near me, without a doubt. While I wasn’t “the smoothest” with my texting interactions, the folks at Great Lkaes were incredibly seamless and super kind when it came to helping me find exactly what I needed. No wonder they are the most popular medical dispensary Battle Creek people talk about so much. They are awesome! And, seriously, believe me when I say that they are not only the best dispo near me, they are, quite possibly, the best dispo ever!

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